To Make It Easier for Consumers, AQUA Japan Offers Flash Sale And Big Bang Promo at the Wholesale Lotte Horeka Day Event

    To Make It Easier for Consumers, AQUA Japan Offers Flash Sale And Big Bang Promo at the Wholesale Lotte Horeka Day Event
    AQUA Japan collaborates with Lotte Wholesale and simultaneously holds a Horeka Day

    JAKARTA - To make it easier for customers to purchase electronic products, AQUA Japan collaborates with Lotte Wholesale and simultaneously holds a Horeka Day Round 1 event at seven stores. The highlight of the event, which was held at the Lotte Wholesale Pasar Rebo store, was filled with various activities such as the Flash Sale promo for AQUA Japan products, a Cooking Demo by Chef Martin Praja, talk shows about the food & beverage business, as well as the Seribu Rasa Mie competition event, Rabu (30/03/2022).

    In the Flash Sale promo, AQUA Japan offers the AQF-320EC chest freezer from Rp 4, 579, 000 to Rp 4, 099.000, washing machine FQW-700829QD from Rp 3, 999, 000 to Rp 3, 549.000, and showcase ABQ-261VL from Rp 4, 699, 000 to the price of Rp 4, 199, 000. These three products were offered at special prices only during the Horeka Day event.

    Customers who came to the event could also see AQUA Japan products at the booth on the side of the stage, such as the QAR-IG525AM side by side refrigerator, FQW-700829QD Front Load washing machine, LEAQT70AQT6300UG android smart TV, AQF-450EC chest freezer, ABQ-showcase 261VL, and AC AQAKCR5AHPAC.

    Besides being held at the Lotte Wholesale Pasar Rebo store, other stores that had the Horeka Day event were Bogor, Meruya, Bekasi, Denpasar stores, and two others already running last week (17/03), namely the Kelapa Gading store and the Padalarang Bandung store. This event was hybrid conducted and invited limited customers due to health protocols and broadcasted live on the @lottegrosir Instagram account.

    "For AQUA Japan, this event aims to introduce AQUA Japan's newest products further and provides special promos at the Horeka Day event for Lotte Wholesale customers. We also offer Big Bang promos at this event. Our commitment to always providing convenience and benefits with various attractive offers to consumers" said Kenji Sadayuki, President Director of AQUA Japan.

    The Big Bang AQUA Japan promo offers many benefits from 15 January – to 30 April 2022, with direct prizes in e-vouchers of up to 5 million rupiahs. Not only that, but consumers also have the opportunity to take part in the Lucky Draw with tips, including e-vouchers, AQUA Japan products, five motorbikes to one Kijang Innova car.

    In this Big Bang promo, to get a direct gift in the form of an e-voucher, consumers only need to shop for AQUA Japan products with specific models. After purchasing, consumers need to validate certain information. If it is correct, the consumers can choose the type of e-voucher they want, such as GoPay, OVO, Dana, electricity tokens, or cellular phone credit. The nominal e-voucher obtained will be adjusted to the model or type of product purchased by the consumer.

    Meanwhile, to participate in the Lucky Draw, consumers who make a minimum purchase of 3 million rupiahs for all Home Appliance products are entitled to 1 Lucky Draw coupon (multiples apply). At the end of the period, they will draw this coupon to win 100 GoPay vouchers worth 500 thousand rupiahs, ten units of AQUA Japan products, five teams of Honda Beat motorcycles, and the grand prize 1 unit of Toyota Kijang Innova. The drawing process will be broadcast in May 2022 live via Instagram account @aquajapanid and the official YouTube channel AQUA Japan.

    "AQUA Japan continues to try to understand the trends and demands in the community. In addition to presenting innovations with electronic products that support productivity and health, AQUA Japan also consistently provides benefits through various promos to every consumer, making it easier for consumers to get quality electronic products from AQUA Japan, " said Dedi Torino, Head of Sell Out Department AQUA Japan.

    Consumers who need more information about this Big Bang promo can contact the Hotline Program via WhatsApp chat number 0811 1057 9999 or go to the website where there is a link to a page for consumers who want to know the details of the promo.

    Through these two special channels, consumers can get information about product models applicable for the Big Bang promo, the number of direct prizes given, how to redeem, or other terms and conditions regarding the Big Bang AQUA Japan promo. (ADV.CO.ID/ 085885535475)



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